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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 9, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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place tonight. we're back tomorrow, 3:00 eastern, noon pacific for "studio b." of course, the factor is on deck. and there is a lot to talk about. so stay tuned. the most powerful prime time in all of cable news starts now. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> what? the congressman had a sex scandal and had to apologize to bill clinton? for what? copyright infringement? >> bill: how much is too much as the nation's media continues to hammer anthony weiner. is it overkill or does the guy deserve to be destroyed? we will have analysis. >> we could force more americans to give up on the american dream. i want to make clear that's not our history. >> more bad economic news and now president obama seems to be trapped. the feds must cut back on spending but he doesn't seem to want to do that we'll update you on this very vital story. >> i say we should listen to the man who made his fortune selling
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bacon cheeseburger pizza. >> bill: also, who is her main cain and why is he running for president? he will be here to tell us. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. president obama must lead on the economy and stop the nonsense. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. more bad news today, more than 400,000 americans filed for first time unemployment benefits last week. raising the specter of a double dip recession. also moody's and other credit agencies are now actually warning, warning the obama administration that the nation's 14 trillion-dollar-plus debt is not acceptable. the president and congress do not address the situation, america's credit rating worldwide will be downgraded.
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but even if the face of all of this, president obama continues to talk up government spending. >> we could choose not to make investments in clean energy or let tuition prices rise and force more americans to give up on the american dream, we could choose to walk away from our community college system. i want to make clear that's not our history. that's not who we are. i don't accept that future for the united states of america. >> bill: now, talking points believes the president must stop that kind of stuff right now, right now. if the nation were fiscally solvent, we could invest in speculative energy projects. and we could continue funding folks who don't have very much. but america is broke. and private industry has lost confidence in the president. that means much private expansion has stopped and new jobs are not being created. there is no question about it. president obama must wake up and smell the decay. it's not about re-election. this is about the well being of most americans.
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the economy is going south on mr. obama's watch. and congress is not going to raise taxes in this environment. it's not going to happen. so, in order to stimulate the private marketplace, the president and congress must make it easier for industry to profit. and put all the social justice stuff on the shelf for a while. every poll says the same thing. americans believe mr. obama lost control of the economy. quinnipiac, voters disprove of the voter's economic policies 58%, 36%. abc news, 59% disprove of the obama economic plan. 40% approve. rasmussen, just 31% of likely voters believe the economy will be better a year from now. because of that pessimism, folks aren't spending as much and banks aren't lending. press toe, another recession. or am i wrong? let's stop the nonsense. that's the memo. herman cain will weigh in on this coming up.
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but, first, the lead story tonight, the destruction of anthony weiner. how far will it go? >> perhaps no indicator of its magnitude, more telling of the weirdness than this. >> according to politico, weiner called bill clinton and apologized. >> what? [ laughter ] the congressman had a sex scandal and had to apologize to bill clinton? for what? copyright infringement? a patent violation? [cheers] >> are you insane? that is insane. i can hear the big dog taking the call. anthony, i'm very disappointed. now, this twitter thing, can anybody sign up? or do i need to go to the apple genius bar? >> bill: joining us now from chicago democratic analyst tamara holder. angela tantaros also an analyst for fnc.
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something unsettling watching the destruction of any human being even people who deserve it, right? would you agree with that. >> yes. but in this case i think he deserves it. >> bill: does it bother you on a personal basis that this man, anthony weiner, something destroyed? he is being destroyed. does that bother you? >> no. because i think he is the one who is responsible for being destroyed. look, bill, the media wouldn't be beating up on him if there wasn't new news every single day. and the reason people don't want to stop talking about it is because they are skeptical that there is more to come. there may be more to come. >> bill: you have no compassion for the man at all. all right. so, let me ask you about arnold schwarzenegger. he got it but not nearly this level. >>. no he should be sending weiner an edible arrangement for taking him off the headline. >> bill: why? why did schwarzenegger? i think i know the answer to this question. i want your opinion. schwarzenegger did something worse, did he not? >> well. >> bill: did he not. >> i'm not the moral arbiter. >> bill: look, if you are going to compare an unborn -- a child without a father to a twitter,
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come on. >> i don't know. i have seen some of these tweets and the way he has spoken to women. i think it's pretty bad. look, bill. >> bill: i just want to get this clear. you are telling me in your opinion, tweeting and having a kid out of wedlock and hiding the kid for 12 years, you are saying. >> i think they are both bad. >> bill: really? >> i do. there is a reason why. >> bill: i'm not saying they are not both bad but i think the kid -- all right. >> here is why they are going after weiner. they are going after weiner because he has been arrogant. he has been combative with the media he drug thed me yansd the country on the surface and lied to them. >> bill: pay back all year long and you are will there the reason schwarzenegger didn't get it. >> because is he not arrogant you know what. >> bill: the media likes schwarzenegger personally. >> weiner lied over and over and over. >> bill: schwarzenegger lied over and over and over as well. tamara, do you feel sorry for weiner as a person? we are watching a human being be
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destroyed. we are. >> right. >> bill: what dudes. >> i say he is a guy who is trying to get some side action. he is a guy who clearly was in denial. a guy who was caught. and he behaved like a man who gets caught cheating, you know, in denial. >> bill: we know that, tamara. >> you don't have to go all of that we know it the key question is, do you feel sorry or is it disturbing to you to watch a human being be destroyed like this? >> yes. i do. because he is not somebody accused of violating the law. there are -- there is due process here. there is a congressional inquiry committee. there is also a congressional board. and there are his constituents. if he is not liked by his voters, then they will vote him out in 2012. >> bill: we have heard all of that before. tamara, with all due respect we have heard all these nonsensical -- i don't say that in the sense. >> not nonsense. feather in the hat. the guy thrown under the bus. and let's move on.
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>> bill: listen to me and learn as they said in fast times at ridgemont high. this man represents the united states in congress. he embarrassed our country all over the world. he lied to the american people. he attempted to use the media. there is nothing good about anthony weiner in this situation. nothing. zero. okay? >> right. >> so, the question then becomes the same question that i asked andrea. we're watching a guy get what a lot of people think he deserves. total destruction. tiger woods destruction. okay? that means for the rest of his life he walks around with this on his -- disturbs me a bit. despite having no regard for him at all, it disturbs me. go. >> bill, he eventually came out. it took him a week or two, but he eventually came out and he apologized for his behavior. >> bill: he had to. had to. >> okay. but you are asking about the media now and the destruction of him. i think he came out.
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he came clean. and he is not accused of violating any laws. he is not a creep like massa or anything like that. >> bill: legal analysts say he violated the law by using his office, you know, for his hobbiened a being paid by the taxpayer. all right. i got 30 seconds for each of you. something unsettling to me about watching a human being get torn apart. unfair really unless is he a felon child molester, whatever. >> i don't like what the left-wing media is blaming her for. this they are bringing her in the middle of this. barbara walters said maybe she was away too much. she travels a lot. i think this poor woman deserves some peace. >> bill: compassionate for her but not for him. >> bill, i do think that now weiner finally is being honest in handling the media. >> bill: we can't read his mind. >> it's too late. i think republicans should lay off him though. >> bill: all right, tamara, last word, go. >> sure. i think it has nothing to do
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with his wife. as far as the media beating her up, you know, that's a family issue, bill. and, look, it's a matter of the voters in 2012. it's a matter of the media laying off and finding something new. andrew breitbart should do a bigger investigation than a guy tweeting something of himself and throwing himself under the bus. i mean, that was the like the easiest discovery ever. >> bill: you can't have this level -- when he represents the country in congress, certain things you can't do. but it's an interesting thing and i want everybody to think about it about the schwarzenegger comparison to weiner and how the media handled both of them. andrea, thanks very much. tamara in chicago. next on the run down, sarah palin unleash as new video that looks a lot like a campaign deal. even as a new poll says most measures don't want her to run. herman cain might be governor palin's competition in the presidential race. mr. cain will be here moments away. the coun chevy event is here. turn it up in a malibu.
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with your host, betty white.
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featuring lifetime aarp member, betty white. and betty white. i'm sorry, betty isn't here. [ male announcer ] with outstanding performances by the bettys. if you're 50 or over but hesitant to jo aarp ecause you think it makes you old, iave a very important message: [ all ] get over it! [ male announcer ] joininaarp is only sixteen dollars a year. so call in and t a free travel bag when you join now. >> bill: impact segment tonight, if sarah palin is not running for president, she is doing a pretty good job manipulating the process. political action committee now posting this advertisement. >> this week of touring has been one of the best weeks of my life. it's been an honor to get to meet so many amazing, wonderful americans who are deeply concerned about the country and do want to restore what's right about america. >> sarah palin says this is no campaign bus, and that
8:14 pm
herself-described one nation tour this week is all about paying tribute to american history. >> we go along looking at the historical sites, we're highlighting what it is that built america our strong foundation in order to move forward. >> bill: sarah pac is in business to raise money for the governor. if you want to see the whole thing go to the web site. the question is governor palin's flirtation with the presidency harming her own party? pat caddell. harming? >> i think she is. she is sucking all the oxygen. that's the phrase. she is the elephant in the room. she has the heart of the party but not their head. you know, you have got 42% of republicans who say they won't vote for her under any circumstances. she is running way behind because people have questionings, independents do and even republicans whether she should be president. the problem is they love her to death. you know what it reminds me of in iowa when howard dean and john kerry, you know there was a bumper sticker date dean marry
8:15 pm
kerry. >> bill: dean won that primary. >> he lost in iowa. he was upset. that's where kerry emerged. he was the frontrunner. >> bill: dean, that's right. that was dean. he was yelling and then. >> the whole yelling thing. the thing was that people wanted to beat bush. >> bill: okay. >> republicans want to beat obama. the problem is the candidates who need to be looked at, she is sucking. >> bill: there many are, many conservatives and people who support sarah palin who believe should could beat obama. i get mail like that every day. this is my question. i don't know whether sarah palin is going to run. all the experts here at fox, morris and rove. they all say she is not going to rub. then they produce a spot like that. that's morning in america. >> it's morning in america. i'm reviving the country. >> bill: takes money to do that takes money to fund her pac and do all of this. if she is not running, why is she bothering with all of this stuff? people say she wants to raise her profile and king maker in
8:16 pm
the party. influence, jack up lecture fees, whatever it may be. do you see any reason to give all of this attention and put the commercial out. >> not only that she has a movie coming out. it's a 2 hour movie they are opening in iowa. it looks suspiciously like a campaign. >> bill: right. but if that's the case how does she overcome her negatives which are the highest negatives in the business? she has the highest negatives of any republican contender or somebody who is even thinking about it. there is nobody even close. >> no. but the thing is she has an intense minority. you have a big field. >> bill: she has got to look at it from do i have a chance to win? >> that's what i would thismt but, you know what, bill, candidates become crazy in this process. >> bill: she is not crazy. >> i don't -- -- i want to run, i want to make a statement. i want to do it for a while. whatever she is doing. you know, candidates don't start with the fact that they can't win. that's why they see crowds.
8:17 pm
i remember when george mcgovern was running. he thought he was going to win. he had 60,000 people everywhere. but it's harming the other candidates getting attention. >> bill: we have herman cain coming up behind you. the other candidates are getting attention. remember how far out it is now. it's not like they are going to be wall-to-wall. let me ask you. this she has high negatives, sarah palin, right? everybody knows that. even among republicans, absolutely. independents don't really care for her and democrats loathe her. is it all about the media? hammering her? >> a lot of it is. but a lot of it is also she had a period after she left the governorship which hurt her to do. >> bill: the resignation. >> to go out and show that she was being substantive. by the way. the last appearance she did on chris wallace sunday, her statement today about the russians, except for the wtf part of it at the end was a very reasoned, argument. >> bill: she has got people behind her now. >> she is doing this but she is
8:18 pm
making substantive statements. the problem is that period she didn't look like she was really out there except for being a -- >> bill: reality show hunting show hurt her. >> if you are going to run for president doing a reality show running around doing hunting and fishing isn't the way to do it. >> bill: pat caddell thank you very much. herman cain makes his debut on the factor with me. polling about 7% with republicans right now. we have lots of questions for him. then the supreme court says california can give illegal aliens college tuition breaks. what? coming right up. i will send this to shelley. yeah. and i can have a proposal to you within half an hour. we're a small business. with 27 of us always in the field, we have to stay connected. we use verizon tablets, smartphones. we're more responsive. there are no delays. delays cost money. with verizon, we do things quicker and more effectively. more small businesses choose verizon wireless
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than any other wireless carrier because they know the small business with the best technology rules.
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight atlanta businessman herman cain wants to be president. 7% of republicans are currently supporting him.
8:22 pm
key members of newt gingrich's staff quit today. not good news for him. anyway, mr. cain is a former ceo of the godfather pizza chain and ran from the u.s. senate from georgia he was defeated in 2004. now he is getting national attention. >> i say we should listen to the man who made his fortune selling bacon cheeseburger pizza. [ laughter ] americans don't have time to read complex legislation, they are too busy getting their hearts restarted. fleur. [ laughter ] president cain will not tolerate legislation longer than a pizza menu. >> bill: mr. cain joins us now from atlanta. you know, that's a compliment to you that you have broken through to those pinheads over there on the colbert report. they are paying attention to you. >> yes. that's a good thing, bill. >> bill: if there is one overriding reason why you should be president of the united states, what would that reason be? >> that reason would be it's time to have a problem solver that knows how to apply business skills to solving the problems of this country in the white
8:23 pm
house. we have the wrong person in the white house. he has put the wrong gas in the tank of this economy. spending. we need to put some different things in the tank of this economy so we can grow it. problem solving business. >> bill: give me one example of what president obama has done wrong in her opinion. >> he did not rure sound himself with the right people. >> bill: i want a nuts and bolts mistake he made on the economy. >> he didn't lower taxes. he increased regulations. if you stop right there, that's why this economy is not growing, bill. >> he didn't stimulate the private sector by giving folks more money. >> correct. >> now, we would assume if you were elected president that you would, you know, lower taxes dramatically; is that correct? you would lower taxes, right? >> that is correct. i would lower the top corporate tax rate. i would lower the personal rate. also take the capital gains rate to zero.
8:24 pm
>> bill: no cap gains so that would make, you know, capitalists go real happy. how do you get the $14 trillion debt down when your revenue stream is going to drop particularly from the cap gains. you are not going to get any from that sector how are you going to get that debt down. >> that assumes static analysis. i'm assuming dynamic analysis. which means that if you lower taxes the right way, if you look at the decade of the 60's when kennedy lowered taxes. if you look at the decade of the 80's when reagan lowered taxes. decade taxes went up auto%. it will not take rev now out of the treasury. secondly, at the same time you are increasing the growth in the economy. you are taking some hard cuts on spending. you have them going in the right direction. >> bill: all right. look. the revenue enhancement came under president bush, that's the most recent example in the 90's because the capital gains was cut to 15% and people invested in the stock market, did well
8:25 pm
and the revenue came. in you are saying you wouldn't take a dime from that. so if revenue is going to go down, it would go down dramatically if you were president. now you say okay i'm going to cut. you have to cut unbelievably down to the bare bones to, you know, to bring that debt down. >> but, bill, you have a major -- i disagree with you on one of your assumptions. it is not going to -- this is the myth that has been planted in the heads of a lot of people. >> bill: i don't know where you going to get income come from if you don't have cap gains come in. >> when the capital gains rate is taken to zero. small businesses benefit the most. they put their money into small community banks who loan money to small investors. big banks are not loaning money to small businesses. this is why this economy is not growing. >> bill: that's good for the folks, good for small business. where is washington's cut? >> washington's cut?
8:26 pm
washington doesn't get a cut. look, bill. >> bill: i know it doesn't. that's what i'm saying that your revenue stream is going to drop. >> no. bill. it's not going to drop. >> bill: you disagree i'm just posing the question. >> okay. >> bill: a new report says iran may have a nuclear weapon this year. how do you stop iran from getting a nuclear weapon? >> the way you stop iran from getting a nuclear weapon is for us to get serious about a real energy independence strategy. >> bill: that's going to take longer than this year. how do you stop them from getting a nuke this year? >> have a serious strategy, bill. and if you have a serious strategy, it's going to cause the speculators to speculate down instead of speculating up. >> bill: that's not going to stop iran. >> from bill, bill,. >> bill: even though gas price goes down, it's not going to stop iran from developing a nuke. >> not in the short-term, bill. here is my punch line. if we help drive the price of oil down, that hurts iran. and if the price of oil gets down near $70 a barrel, we win,
8:27 pm
they won't have the money to develop nuclear program. >> bill: they will develop it anyway. >> look what happened to opec today. look what happened at opec today. they couldn't come do agreement because venezuela and iran want to drive the amount of oil down to the price can go up. >> bill: i got you on that and with you on that. we have got to get the price of oil down but it's not going to stop iran from developing the nuke. last question -- >> -- they have already said -- >> bill: going to have you back but i have one more question. >> all right. >> bill: in a few weeks, president obama is going to take some troops out of afghanistan. right thing to do? wrong thing to do? >> wrong thing to do. by taking out a trickling amount of troops out, just to say he has started withdrawal is being disingenuous to the american people and to those that are going to be left behind. >> bill: how long do you keep the troops? we have been in 10 years how long do you keep 100,000 u.s. troops there. >> bill, when i know clearly what the mission is, and the military generals and experts
8:28 pm
tell me we can win, we keep them in as long as we can if they say we can't win, then i want an exit strategy. that's how you approach the problem. >> bill: all right, mr. cain. thank you very much. you are a fascinating guy. we appreciate it as i said, we will have you back. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. pro union protesters in wisconsin interrupt a speech to special limps kids dressing up like zombies. can you believe this? and should american children be allowed, be allowed to watch the gruesome casey anthony murder trial? are there lessons for children here? we hope you stay tuned to those reports. ♪
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to read and consider carefully before investing.
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>> bill: military people don't want that to happen believing they have the taliban on the run. the afghan war is very popular here at home. it's not worth fighting any longer. 3% believe it is. sebastian younger who spent a lot of time i should say with the u.s. troops in afghanistan. he is the author of the new book, nice gift for father's day "war" you must have an opinion on this war, whether it's worth the blood and treasure, 10 years, you know, i would say half a trillion dollars at least. investment on u.s. policy. karzai looks like a corrupt guy. worth it? >> god, i mean i have many opinions about it. sometimes i even contradict myself. i should say this. there is no way we could have killed bin laden without being
8:32 pm
there. >> bill: it has been worth it in the sense that we have been able to downgrade al qaeda by our presence there. correct? >> i would say yes. personally i would say yes. >> bill: i believe that i concur with you. i think we had to do it because al qaeda, if we hadn't chased them out of there, and put pressure on them, would be much stronger. however, going forward, you see what the polls say. american people say, look, 10 years and all this money which the nation is broke propping up a corrupt guy like karzai when you can't really get a handle on it whether we are winning or losing over there, they want out. >> of course. the public is tired of the the war. every war is fought on two fronts on the battlefield and home front. you do have to both. the troop surge over the last two years caused tremendous damage to the taliban. and at the end of the day, every war ends with negotiation. >> bill: how do you know it has? i know you were embedded with the troops and spent a lot of time over there how do you know the big picture has damaged the
8:33 pm
taliban. >> i just read and heard many reports from people in and out of the military, mid level commanders, many of them have been killed. they are having trouble filling those ranks. >> bill: so the consensus would this an accurate statement? the consensus is among the u.s. military and nato that the surge has worked, the taliban are on the defensive? >> absolutely. but here's the important thing. i mean, u.s. military, i think has figured out the tactical problems of the war. but i don't think it's primarily a military problem anymore. the problem, as you said, is corruption. i mean, the afghans, they will fight like devils for something good is the if the the solve yets. they can defeat the taliban if it's good for them. they are only going to do it for a government that's not stealing them blind. >> bill: do you think the government is corrupt. >> there is many honorable people in the government but the government as a whole is rotten. >> bill: the afghans that you dealt with over there do they believe their government is corrupt. >> of course they do.
8:34 pm
>> bill: it's a south vietnam situation. >> here is the thick. we have tremendous leverage we haven't used. president bush didn't. president obama hasn't. we are putting a huge amount of money into that country. the first thing do you is threaten to turn off the tap unless x,x, and x measures are taken against corruption. if those aren't taken you start turning off the tab. >> i said they shutter radiculopathy indicate the poppy fields. the moment we invaded they have got to knock those poppy fields out that money funds the taliban. >> yes, of course. that's a tactical problem. >> bill: they didn't do it because the government didn't want it done. >> the end of the day, we control the purse strings. if we start turning off the tap, they are going to squirm. say that doesn't work. if we leave karzai is dead. >> bill: he is dead. i'm sure he has stolen a ton of money and he will take it some place else. all right. so all in all, if you are asked and a poll question like that, you say we stay for how long? how much longer do we give this
8:35 pm
war? >> listen, i can't see into the future. what i would say is it's not worth staying unless we, unless we really turn up the heat on karzai to reconstitute his government. so it's a fair government that serves the people. >> bill: thank you very much. the book is "war" we appreciate you coming in. should american kids be allowed to watch the casey anthony trial? it's brutal. are there lessons to be learned. later, the great american news quiz the crime edition. charles manson, john dill jerry an o.j. simpson in the spotlight ahead. ver here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outbacalways gets us there... ... sotimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the culture warrior segment tonight, should you let your kids watch the casey anthony murder trial? provocative question. first, the supreme court has upheld the federal ruling giving the state of california the right to give illegal alien kids college tuition breaks. really illegal aliens themselves. you want to go back to school and you are 4. hey, we will help you out. here to analyze gretchen carlson and margaret hoover. what is behind the california largess? >> look, the people who are in power in california, the state supreme court and the legislature have very, very pro-unauthorized immigrant policies. >> bill: so they want illegal aliens to go to california and get educated. >> they want to make sure, their argue. is because we pay for students k through 12 education we shouldn't let the best and the
8:39 pm
brightest who actually clear the huddle and graduate from high school not be able to go on and get a college education and have a job. that the surgery amount they make. >> bill: butbut, but, but, but, but. but but doing that the other kids who want to go college. not space for everyone, correct. >> correct. >> bill: out-of-state might want to go to aclu or university of california, not space because of illegal alien kids are there. is that fair. >> that's part of the argument that the plaintiffs were making in this case. negative impact as well it continues to incentivise the staying of unauthorized immigrants will will wait, carlson i will let you jump. in you are opposed to. this i am opposed. >> the out-of-state kids not going let them in because they will pay full tuition. >> they will let them in. >> they will take the cash over the other cases. >> reject the illegal alien kids. >> especially with the cash strapped. >> bill: i wonder what that
8:40 pm
looks like. i'm illegal alien? do you have to put that on there. >> to go back to what she was saying earlier the way california got around the whole illegal situation was in 2001, to make a law that had nothing to do with residency, it had to do with if you go to high school and graduate from a school in california, then you are eligible for instate tuition, no matter how are. that was the way in which california. let's face it california. >> bill: they don't want to know. >> they don't want to know. >> bill: how are. >> california doesn't want to touch this because this this is a political. >> bill: they make the law in 2001 that says if you graduate from california high school you are entitled to instate tuition. we don't care if you are from venus. we don't care where you are from. in the ensuing 10 years the amount of money that california has paid for benefits to illegal aliens has bankrupted the city of los angeles and contributed to the dire financial condition of the state. >> california schools just to get this in. in 2009, about 35% of the
8:41 pm
instate tuition people or students were illegal. >> bill: really? that's an interesting stat, carlson. >> these are the backward policies that have driven the state. the states is $73 million. >> i don't know if they're backward. they are politically correct. that's what they is killing. >> they are financially backwards. >> bill: this casey anthony trial. more testimony today. the woman is guilty as i have ever seen any defendant ever in my entire 35 year career. the prosecution says look, we have had enough, enough, enough. 86 times the woman goes to research chloroform. 86 times. okay? she is guilty. now, children are hearing about this, carlson. you know, i'm saying children maybe 10 and up. they are hearing about it. i think the headline news over at cnn that's all they do 24 hours a day is this trial. should you let your kid watch this news coverage? >> absolutely not. >> bill: no? 12-year-old? 13-year-old? >> 12 is sort of my cut off. my children are still 8 and 6.
8:42 pm
my daughter has asked me about this case. i turn on the volume if she happens to be there and it comes on. >> bill: you say no. >> today those grim photos that came out you have -- of a skull with hair still attached to it i am however old i am i do not want to see those photos. >> bill: you say it's too upsetting for children under the age of 12. >> i believe so. >> bill: are there any lessons, hoover, in this case for children? >> >> you know what i think depending on the age it can be quite terrifying for the 10 and under. >> bill: it is terrifying. >> bill: here is the terrifying part, your mother could this to you? >> precisely. children should be protected from this story if they don't have the maturity to handle it. >> bill: you agree with her. >> middle school age. i think that's exactly about right. buy bill i hate to agree with the culture warriors. i agree with you both here is the teal. from 12 and up i believe american children have to be
8:43 pm
taught about evil. you have got to teach your kids about evil. you have got to let them know there are people in the world like casey anthony who will do anything, including slaughtering a 2-year-old. now, it's upsetting, absolutely. off the chart upsetting. but it's a cautionary tale to children, you have to be careful. people can and will hurt you. watch it with them. you have got to walk it through them. give you the last word. >> even a 12-year-old, even a 22-year-old child will never understand how a parent could kill them. >> bill: but, but they can get evil. >> they can get evil. i think casey anthony got evil as well today. she got sick and had to leaf the courtroom after seeing those photos. >> bill: best example of evil since o.j. simpson. >> i think usama bin laden. >> bill: that's not american. that's not somebody in your neighborhood. this is a woman who is running
8:44 pm
around orlando, florida, okay? all right. ladies, thank you as always. in a moment, the great american news quiz, the crime edition. how much do you know about the awful and unlawful activities. some pro union protesters interrupt a special olympic ceremony for kids parading around as some zombies. it's outrageous and it's ahead. ♪ yeah ♪
8:45 pm
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8:47 pm
>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, the great american news quiz the crime time edition. here martha maccallum playing for mildred hoover heights, ohio. and gomez from lawrence, kansas. >> that's where i went to school. >> bill: irony. sign up on bill o' for nice prices.
8:48 pm
martha maccallum didn't get any of the war stuff right. i know you don't pay attention to this. >> is there boarding questions in this. >> bill: question number one, in the 2009 film public enemies johnny depp portrayed notorious gangster john dill jerry. >> what is it that do you for an evening? >> john dill jerry, i rob banks. >> why did you tell me that? that's a serious thing to say to a girl you just met? >> i know you. >> bill: he wasn't a pirate jet he was john dill jerry the real dill jerry was killed during a shootout with the fbi. what city did he meet his demise? the answer a. maccallum, i knew it. i hue she had that crime gene. >> bill: before his murder trial o.j. simpson had a fairly successful acting career.
8:49 pm
>> it's me. your buddy. >> get the switch on the bottom of the bed. >> it's me, frank. >> just before the murders, simpson taped a pilot for nbc that was never released. he starred as the leader of what group? the answer is navy seals. really, how about that? mark geragos, the attorney made his name representing celebrities such as michael jackson, scott peterson and winona ryder. >> mr. brown, violation of this
8:50 pm
protection order is a violation of your probation. your attorney has appeared in front of me many, many times. he knows i will take that very, very seriously. >> bill: geragos also has a political connection. he helped secure a pardon for president clinton for of which his clients? the answer is susan mcdougald. so it's a tie, correct? >> i ahead. and you have fallen behind again. i hope that wouldn't happen. don't gloat, doocy. >> i'm not. >> poor steve, try to bolster his ego once a week. >> bill: for his book, steven king wrote about a killer clown. >> i am penny wise, the dancing clown. you are georgey. so now we know each other.
8:51 pm
>> i guess. so i got to go. >> go? without this? >> that is not steven king. that's an an actor. >> stay away from the clown. >> which serial killer in real life is famous for dressing up as a clown in his spare time when he wasn't murdering people? the answer is, of course, john wayne gacy. doocy is ahead with one question to go maccallum. you still have a shot unless you get it wrong. >> okay. let's go. in the late 1960's, charles manson directed his cult of followers to commit a series of murders. >> chao chao, i know my mind. and i trust the very same person that you do. and the very same person that you do. >> bill: there is no truth to the rumor that mr. manson is
8:52 pm
joining the cast of jersey shore next year. is he still in prison and will remain so. he said he had been inspired by which beatle's song to do his dastardly deeds? cards up, please. and the answer is helter skelter, that is the copy of his book written by who? >> juan bah. >> that is wrong. >> extra credit. >> vince. >> red blood helter skelter down the front. >> bill: you win, as toy. you hear the response. and that means christopher gomez jayhawks. little something for mildred. she is a little teed off for you. >> sorry, mildred. just by one. pinheads and patriots on deck. outrageous situation in wisconsin. prounion demonstrators interrupt a special olympic ceremony for
8:53 pm
children dressing up as zombies. whoa, wait until you see this. p and p up next.
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
>> bill: pinheads and patriots starring pro-union zombies in a moment. >> go to, buy the book or audio get a patriot travel mug free. dad will like the polo shirt,
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a fine garment. buy one get the keychain free of charge. spend $20 get the bumper sticker free. all the money i derive from the website guess to charity. >> now the mail: >> bill: those were paid commentators. as i stated the discussion was about nonpaid people. >> bill: i think that's oxymoron, a little different. >> bill: don't do that. each region is different. >> bill: that's balder --. i was one of the first to report the revere statement as accurate when she said revere
8:57 pm
warned the british about ceasing arms, so you owe me an apology. who may the ride? that would be william dawes. >> bill: no doubt about it! we'll be at west bury sat august 20th, so you can make a weekend of it. there are good restaurants on the east end of long island. 25% of the tickets sold out in less than 24 hours. the first show with miller and me will sell-out. please check it out on we hope to see you there. >> bill: excellent.
8:58 pm
good luck getting into college. >> finally, tomorrow's mail segment will be called the complaint department. that's tomorrow's mail. if you have any complaints, at all, we want to hear them. >> finally pinheads and patriots, the governor of wisconsin has succeeded cutting back benefits. earlier this week the governor was giving a speech to special olympics children when he was interrupted by zombies. >> as governor walker was speaking a line of protesters dressed as zombies walked between him and the special olympians he was addressing, blogging their view. as the governor tried to draw attention to their accomplish s, these protesters were determined to bring attention to themselves. >> bill: those protesters are pinheads, you don't bring political beefs to a ceremony
8:59 pm
helping mentally challenged children, unacceptable. >> kobe bryant and his wife trying to help homeless children. the laker and his wife is promoting kobe and vanessa bryant family foundation that will bring help to children whose parents cannot or will not provide them homes. very noble cause. the bryants are patriots. that is it for us tonight. interesting talking points memo. we would like to you spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. remember, tomorrow is the complaint department mail segment. that is going to be a riot, can't wait. word of the day, do not be quixotic. again, thanks for watching tonight.